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Internships & Volunteering with Environmental Health Programs

PSR provides unpaid volunteer experiences, community / service learning and internships to undergraduate, post-baccalaureate, and graduate students and non-students.  The opportunities offered with the Environmental Health programs vary and depend on the timing, duration and requirements or expectations of the experience.

Interested persons should review the website to see the types of programs we offer and how these programs are implemented (e.g., direct service, research, etc. ).  Students or volunteers can express interest in one or more program area and are encouraged to assess their needs, interests and abilities to ensure a good fit for both themselves and PSR.


Opportunities may include, but are not limited to: 

  • Literature review

  • Data gathering to create a bank of resources and tools

  • Program design and planning

  • Program implementation

  • Community involvement

  • Evaluation

  • Grant writing

  • White paper development

  • Marketing and outreach

  • Web and online promotion

  • social media use, including blog writing


Inquiries on internships should be sent to and state specifically what the request is, begin and end dates, number of hours per week committed, ability to work independently and offsite  or in the office as required, interest areas based on PSR programs, and skill sets looking to develop and contribute, university affiliation, and major. 


Volunteers should clearly state their interests and their skill sets.  All inquiries should include a current resume with the understanding that we are not offering a position.  If there is an opportunity that meets the needs of the organization, we will conduct a phone interview first before offering an in-person meeting. 

Thank you for your interest in PSR Philadelphia.  We looking forward to hearing from you. 

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