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Writing a literature review for a dissertation: How To Do It!


Every professional document that students handle must follow a particular writing format. Thebest fit solution for such a document is to learn how to manage your reports and use the correct formatting style. Besides, it would be best if you learned the necessary measures for managing your papers.

Steps in Managing a Literature Review for a Dissertation


A literature review for a dissertation should express the knowledge acquired from research. With the goal in mind, the information obtained from the research should answer the questions below. Depending on the nature of the dissertation, you might have to address several issues in the review.

They include:

  • The sources used

  • The justification for selecting those methods

  • Suitable ones for the chosen method

You can divide the entire study (help me write my essay) into three sections, i.e., introduction, methodology, results, and conclusion. In the introduction section, the student should state the topic of their dissertation. Then, it is recommended to use relevant examples for the claim made. The rationale also requires valid proof to justify the choices that you are making.

Also, the student should explain why they selected the chosen methods. As seen earlier, the positive results are always convincing. If the outcome is not significant, there is a need to support it up with more vivid data.

After the introduction, the preliminary facts will come in handy. Please indicate all the facts about the research. After, the recommendation helps the readers to understand better the steps in the research. And where else will you base your claims?

Remember, the purpose of a literature review is to prove that a scientific study has taken place. As such, any invalid data collected from the study should be null and void. At times, we have to cite resources used to develop the thesis. If you are sure that the source used is the appropriate one, you are good to go.

Any sciences that relate to medicine academic disciplines should rely on scientific data. When discussing the evaluation, you’ll often provide the science steps followed to achieve the desired outcomes.

At times, some studies will require extra-curricular activities to discuss the issue in detail. If the trial isn’t due, it is vital to note that the findings will still be applicable even after a long investigation. Doing so will help the reader to determine if the hypotheses are valid or false.

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