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If you are planning to buy a skateboard, one of the important things that you should ask the seller is what is the weight limit for that board. Many people often overlook this and don't know why their electric skateboards fail so quickly. I will show you the things that excessive weight can affect your electric skateboard in this article, read it all.

Board performance

The performance of electric skateboards depends on many factors including weight. Weight will increase the friction between the wheel and the ground causing the board to run slower and the board will not achieve the top speed you want. This may steal your thunder to ride an e-board.

Board lifespan

When you work out at the gym, can you lift weights for hours without rest? Definitely not, right? And when you lift weights, do you feel tired? Sure it's true. Electric skateboard lifts you like you lift weights. If the weight exceeds its weight limit for a long time, it will die soon.

Rider safety

Imagine how dangerous it is for you when your board breaks when you're driving at a high speed. You will fall or worse, get hit in your leg by debris from the board. This actually happened, that's when riders bought poor quality electric skateboards and didn't check for cracks regularly. When the weight exceeds the limit, the same thing will happen.

What can you do?

One very simple thing you can do is buy an electric skateboard with a higher weight limit. For example, Boosted boards have a weight limit of about 250 lbs or 113 kg. If you're a bit overweight, you might want to consider Boosted boards. However, you should also expect the price of the product to be high. And one more thing, don't forget to visit eSkateBuddy to keep up to date with the latest news about electric skateboards.

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