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PSR Committees

A rewarding way to get involved with PSR Phila / PA is volunteering on a committee where your expertise can help us with ongoing operational decisions. We are a 501c3 non-profit agency and we are mostly volunteers. We could not expand our mission without people like you.

If you enjoy the creative process of designing programs, improving communications, strategic planning, and augmenting membership please contact us today. These committees are small working groups that conveniently meet via a combination of phone, email, video conferencing, and in-person.  Committees report to the Board of Directors. Joining a committee to contribute with enthusiastic colleagues is fun!


Website, Newsletters, Social Media, Letters, Articles and more.


Advocacy Training, Speakers' Bureau, Advisory, Violence, Environmental, Internships and more.


Membership, fundraising, sponsorship, partnerships and more.


Soul of Medicine, 40th Anniversary, Annual Dinner and more.

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