What your donation does for PSR

PSR Philadelphia will celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2019. Our organization has adapted to the unique needs of our community targeting environmental risks and violence, and we are stronger today because of our commitment to social justice and reducing these risks. Please show your appreciation for the work of PSR Philadelphia / PA. Healthcare leaders have blazed the trail to reach beyond their workday to make a difference in the world. It is because of you that community leaders continue to ask us for programs and ask us to share our position about health risks that effect our lives and the lives of generations to come. We sit with stakeholders to transform policy. We stand up for the principles and values that keep us safer. We rely on science and research to educate the community and we are not subject to a political agenda to meet our goals.


A lot has changed in the world in four decades, yet what remains unchanged is the need for healthcare providers to voice and advocate for public health and keep the greatest threats to public health in view. In 1979 we didn't have a computer, twitter account, or a website. But we did have the support of visionary people who saw that our experience and expertise can raise awareness and show compassion. We are here today because of the time, commitment and resources from the physicians, health care providers and caring citizens who have generously supported us since 1979. Now, we call upon you to support us to continue the enduring work on issues that matter to you.

In 2016 / 2017 individual donations have helped achieve the following objectives:

  • Spearheaded the PA Medical Society position on fracking.
    (see page 123 - 440.966 and 440.967)

  • Provided weekly Youth Court at two high schools in Philadelphia.

  • Educated the public on the health consequences of global warming and climate change.

  • Engaged health professionals to speak about the health effects of fracking.

  • Held Advocacy Trainings at Thomas Jefferson University and the University of Pennsylvania.

  • Submitted Op Eds.

  • Distributed PSR Phila / PA Newsletters.

  • Testified at public hearings.

  • Engaged medical students for leadership positions.

  • Met with policy makers in Washington and Pennsylvania.

Please donate this year with a monthly donation. By becoming a sustaining monthly member we will reach our goal. When you donate, please select the recurring donation button. This year is an important year to show your support.