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OCAREER Certificate 

Physicians for Social Responsibility Pennsylvania developed OCAREER, a virtual certificate program designed to assist healthcare professionals in assessing, identifying, and addressing how climate change is impacting health. 


Created by expert healthcare professionals, OCAREER is a multimedia educational program, providing skill building about communicating with people or colleagues, including the role of practitioner as advocate.

OCAREER consists of eight asynchronous modules, consisting of a presentation with a slide-deck, a relevant article and a knowledge check. 


The modules are:

  1. Science of Climate Change

  2. Occupation

  3. Conditions

  4. Activities

  5. Residence

  6. Environmental Conditions

  7. Education

  8. Resources 


To receive the certificate, the modules, knowledge checks, and assignments need to be completed in three months.


A synchronous session will be held at the end of the three months to share and discuss your infographics and experience.

Social Workers

Wilkes University is a preapproved provider of continuing education for programs for social workers and clinical social workers as an accredited university. Social Workers who attend will receive a certificate for 4 hours at the conclusion of the program.

Please complete the form above to gain access to OCAREER modules and further instructions.