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Image by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona

The Issues

Violence Prevention

Gun Violence

In 2020, gun violence killed nearly 44,000 Americans. In Pennsylvanians close to 1,600 died by gun violence in 2019, an average four people every day. Suicides made up 63% and homicides 36% of the gun deaths.

Clearly America has a gun violence problem. Though not at the top of the list Pennsylvania protects the right to bear arms, more strongly than many other states which has resulted in a system that does not require license or registration prior to purchase, has no waiting period prior to purchase, has no training requirement prior to purchase, does not limit the number of firearms or amount of ammunition an individual may purchase, has no safe storage requirements, and does not require an owner to report when his or her firearm is lost or stolen amongst many other gaps that contribute to the number of gun deaths in Pennsylvania.

Nuclear Proliferation

Nuclear Weapons Abolition has been a core issue since our inception.  PSR PA amplifies the health professional voice to increase and broaden grassroots support for nuclear weapons abolition and to cultivate legislative initiatives to reduce the threat of nuclear weapons.
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