Letter Writing Campaign

Dear Environmental Activists,

Our legislators will return to Harrisburg around September 1, and they will be considering several vital environmental bills.


Several agencies have created a "letter blitz."  Each letter will deal with a single bill. Join us and show the power in numbers as we speak out and show our concerns.


Robert Little, Jim Sandoe, Alan Peterson for PSR-PA , CCL, PennFuture, PennEnvironment, and others!

Industrial Smoke
Letter #1

Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

RGGI and HB 2025 - Oppose

Empty Plastic Bottles
Letter #2

Advanced Recycling (Plastics to Fuel)

HB 1808 (passed in the house) - Oppose

Sustainable Energy
Letter #3

Energy Innovation and Investment Act aka: Cap & Invest

SB 15 - Support