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Non-Discrimination Policies


On February 3rd, 2020 the PSR Pennsylvania Board of Directors adopted the following statement previously approved by the PSR National Board of Directors:
PSR PA Board Values — Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion

PSR has a long and rich history of working toward a healthy, just and peaceful worldand strives to achieve challenging goals—including demilitarization, nuclear disarmament, and environmental and climate health through just means that benefit those who experience structural injustice the most. PSR seeks to maintain a Board comprised of talented and dedicated directors with a diverse mix of backgrounds, expertise, experience, and skills that promotes creativity and innovation.Celebrating and valuing diverse voices and perspectives will create the culture of inclusiveness and diversity throughout the organization needed to best accomplish our mission. PSR is committed to attracting and maintaining Board members representative of those we serve including a diversity of race, age, gender, geography, and professional backgrounds. A diverse Board will elevate our collective skills and perspectives to value, support, and advance the voices and roles of communities systematicallymarginalized and disproportionately impacted by the gravest threats to human health and survival.

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