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The Healing Power of Giving

When you feel strongly about an issue listen to your feelings, and take action. Each of us is uniquely driven by different circumstances. Voicing your opinion may be the first step to contend with a problem but doing something about it is powerful. That is why clichés such as “Actions speak louder than words” or “Put your money where your mouth is” have merit worth repeating.

A measurement of emotional health is to ask if your values are congruent with your behaviors. For example, if you care about the environment, you will recycle. There is a correctness, or a feeling of pride that follows good deeds.

At PSR Philadelphia the core values of our mission are to protect our health and environment, and to eliminate violence. If these are your core values too, please take action – volunteer and donate today.

This year, we have testified, given presentations and organized on the major threats facing mankind, including climate change, nuclear war, and youth violence prevention. Through your support, we have raised awareness on the health impacts of gas drilling and global warming. We have also mentored young people in the skills of conflict resolution, including our Peaceful Posse and Youth Courts programs.

Give generously for two reasons. First, we need your support to work hard and bring needed change in a volatile era and second, the decision to donate will bring you feelings of personal satisfaction, contentment and happiness.

Thank you for your support.

Celeen Miller, PSR Board Chair for Development and Fundraising

Ms. Miller has worked in public health for 22 years. Her previous positions at Bucks County Health Department, local hospitals, and corporate locations have been matched by her volunteer service as an advocate for health. Currently she provides tobacco dependence treatment and diabetes prevention programs in the seven counties of Southeastern Pennsylvania and proudly serves on the board of

Physicians for Social Responsibility Philadelphia.

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