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Closing of PES Refinery

The following appeared in the July 5th Edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer as a letter to the Editor

Philadelphia Energy Solutions’ decision to close is bittersweet, but welcome, news. Any decision to stop producing fossil fuels that contribute to greenhouse gases is welcome. However, a just transition to good-paying jobs rather than through a precipitous tragedy is preferred. The New York Times notes that less than 6 percent of Pennsylvania’s electricity comes from renewables, well bel

ow the national average because of an over-reliance on fossil fuel market as geopolitical and environmental concerns impact its future viability. Now’s the time for Pennsylvania to catch up with other states and make major investments in wind, solar, and heat pumps, and begin the broader conversation on powering our region with renewables and its abundant green jobs.

Dr. Walter Tsou is the Interim Executive Director of PSR Pennsylvania.

Photo Credit: CC 4.0, DCErica, "PES oil refinery outside Philadelphia", via,

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