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DC Fire Drill with Jane Fonda!

Through working with Alliance of Nurses for a Health Environment, PSR PA's MEdical Advocacy Coordinator Laura Dagley joined over 60 other nurses for Fire Drill Fridays with Jane Fonda. You can read more about the purpose of these actions here.

This week's rally was focused on the health impacts of climate change, and the 60 nurses who attended wore white lab coats and red berets to make a statement.

138 people were arrested, including 12 nurses and our own Laura Dagley. Laura spent 8 hours in a cold jail cell with Jane Fonda, Gloria Steinhem, Sandra Steingraber, and many others. Laura used this time to network and organize. Jane Fonda wants her next action to be near wellpads and Laura discussed having this happen in southwest PA, as there is renewed frustration with the industry here because of the cancer cluster. Laura also discussed the compendium with her.

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