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Hydrogen Hubs — Leave Gas in the Ground

Regarding the article “Pa. is competing for billions to build hydrogen hubs. Will they really be green?” (July 25, TribLIVE): Don’t be misled. It is impossible for hydrogen made from methane to be green.

Hydrogen in Pennsylvania will be made from methane. The American Petrochemical Institute and the U.S. Department of Energy worked this plan up together, to keep fracking productive. Who is going to pay for these huge grants to an industry that is destroying us? The taxpayers will, in many ways.

Consider this post by Physicians for Social Responsibility: If you burn a mix of hydrogen and methane in your home, not only are you still exposed to air pollution, but there is a greater risk of explosions, and all gas-burning appliances must be replaced.

Did you breathe the wildfire smoke? Heat already kills more people in the U.S. than any other weather event. This is due to warming of the Earth’s atmosphere exacerbated by extracting and burning methane. Give life a chance. Electrify directly. Leave gas in the ground.

Dr. Barbara W. Brandom Highland Park

The writer is a steering committee member for Concerned Health Professionals of Pennsylvania.

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Alvin Palmer
Alvin Palmer
Aug 07, 2023

Some state laws require a dissolution clause, or a statement that describes how the organization can be closed down free games.

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