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PSR PA at Climate Action Campaign's Solution for Pollution Training

On July 21, 2022, Marie DeMarco, a Health Educator and Medical Advocacy Coordinator at PSR PA, attended the Climate Action Campaign’s Solution for Pollution Training in Washington DC. The Solutions for Pollution Campaign calls on the Biden Administration to carry out responsibility for environmental laws by advancing 20 protections across federal agencies that could reduce climate pollution by 50% by 2030.

These protections include Soot Air Quality Standards to limit fine particulate pollutants that create respiratory illness, Smog Air Quality Standards to limit ground level ozone pollution, and Carbon Pollution Standards that limit carbon pollution from fossil fuels.

The protections introduced by Solutions for Pollution Campaign can advance environmental justice, create clean energy jobs, and accelerate the pace of moving towards clean energy.

During this event, attendees met with multiple national environmental health partner organizations and worked closely with them to advocate for our climate. We Pennsylvania Congresswoman Susan Wild’s team to educate and engage congress on the strong pollution standards that are needed to slow down the pace of climate change.

I also had the opportunity to meet with Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey’s team and discussed the importance of climate change and public health. It is essential to have the support of this campaign by government officials to strengthen the message that climate can’t wait!

Climate change is putting our health and safety at risk. Denial won’t slow it down and neither will complacency — only action will. This training with Climate Action was invaluable, and I am excited to take what I have learned and the connections I was able to make and apply it to the needs of Pennsylvanians with PSR PA.

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