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Submit Your Comment to the EPA on the Proposed Standards to Cut Climate Pollution

We at PSR Pennsylvania and PSR National are seeking your comments for an administrative rulemaking on carbon emissions proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Don’t worry if this is your first time hearing about the rule as we will be providing plenty of information to help you along the way!

This rule targets existing coal-burning power plants and new and existing gas-fired plants in an effort to decrease carbon pollution. We strongly support lowering emissions and curbing climate change and are urging the EPA to strengthen the rule in order to protect public health and the environment while also reducing emissions. You can find more information, including links to relevant data and their associated studies here and you will submit your comment in the same place.

An important part of your comment will be any personal anecdote that could be potentially compelling. How does poor air quality impact your loved ones or patients? Are you noticing disenfranchised populations seem to be more impacted than others? The EPA values this information much more than a recitation of facts that they already know.

The sooner your comment can be submitted ,the better! The comment period closes on Tuesday, August 8, 2023. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns to PSR PA's Communication and Development Coordinator, Emily Baer at Additional guidance and proofreading will be available to you if needed.

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