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Cancer Corridors: Lessons Learned in Environmental Justice Communities

Cancer Corridors: Lessons Learned in Environmental Justice Communities

Kimberly Terrell and Gianna St. Julien - Tulane Environmental Law Clinic
Roishetta Ozane - Vessel Project of Louisiana

January 24, 2024

2nd Annual Shifting Paradigms Conference


Moderator: Laura Dagley, BSN, RN

From Appalachia to the Gulf South, people living in communities bordering industrial activity have long been burdened with the health impacts of pollution from these industries. They have also suffered the consequences of a government that has failed to take protective action, claiming lack of scientific research or evidence of an official cancer cluster. Despite these claims, peer-reviewed research continues to show health impacts, and these regions have become known for their increased rates of cancer and other health problems. In this panel discussion, we will hear how research can aid environmental justice issues and the importance of scientific literacy for decision makers and activists. We will also hear from community organizers who have worked hard to bring awareness to the health issues facing their communities and demand government action.

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