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$1 Per Nagging Thought

So, you have decided to donate money to Physicians for Social Responsibility - Philadelphia. The next question to ask yourself is how much should I give?

I have a new formula to set your mind at ease and calculate your donation. Count the number of times today that you thought about the blight of our environment, or the health of future generations, or when you noticed disrespect among people based only on the differences between them.

If you thought about these issues 3 times today. It is worth $3 a day x 30 days. Your donation would be $90 a month. Match your mind to your wallet and together we will do some of your work to improve our society. Remember, we work every day on these issues. Please make it a recurring monthly donation because my guess is that today represents what is important to you every day of the year.

We thank you for your support and are glad to know you are with us.

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