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Add your name to this open letter to the Minister of Energy

Open Letter to Ireland's Minister for Energy

on LNG U Turn

Ireland is in a spot of a bother and needs our help!

Ireland's Green Party Minister for Energy Emon Ryan has conceded that he believes Ireland may need to build a LNG terminal. Read more on Minister Ryan's recent statements here.

This U-Turn will not be accepted lightly here. It may even threaten the stability of our government since banning LNG terminals that could bring fracked gas into the Irish Energy mix was such an important element of the agreement that formed the coalition government here. This threat is coming just as Joe Biden is visiting and as the planning decision on New Fortress Energy's Shannon LNG is due.

Any such decision on a LNG terminal must follow from government policy so the removal of the moratorium on LNG terminals is critical to New Fortress Energy.

We need as many American and international groups affected by fracking to sign on to this letter as possible to bring enough pressure to bear as required to prevent this U-turn.

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