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Biden’s Plan to “Build Back Better” Fails to Better Health for PA Residents

One of Joe Biden’s promises as he ascended into the Office of the Presidency was to “build back better”. This tagline referred to his climate plan. At the core of this plan were two driving forces: (1) To commit the U.S. to a healthier, cleaner, and sustainable energy future and (2) To spur the U.S. manufacturing sector and create “high-quality, middle class jobs” while doing so.

On January 20th and 27th, President Biden unveiled a host of executive orders aimed to follow-up on this climate plan; notably, pausing all new oil and natural gas leases on public land. However, these did little to protect Pennsylvania’s against the imminent danger of ongoing fracking operations. This begs the question, how can one champion health and prosperity in the future, yet support an industry that is harming hundreds of PA residents in the present?

Click here to read a compelling article written by Dr. Ketyer, MD, President Elect of PSRPA that lays out six reasons why Pennsylvania can’t wait for executive orders to stop fracking.

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