Calling All Healthcare Providers for Pennsylvania Climate Convergence


We are facing a climate emergency with devastating health consequences. Healthcare providers are needed on the front lines and this message is a call to action! People need to see that the climate emergency is recognized by the professionals we all entrust with our lives and our well-being. Scientists are showing up to voice their concerns and we need healthcare providers to visibly join the cause in Harrisburg this June during the Pennsylvania Climate Convergence.

We are actively calling on healthcare providers to be spokespeople for the media, to march with us, to educate legislators, and to take part in direct actions. Some scientists and healthcare providers are willing to risk arrest in the direct actions and others are choosing non-arrestable roles in the direct actions; all roles are needed!

Nurses, doctors, and other healthcare providers are respected and consistently ranked as the most trusted professions. You are known as knowledgeable, caring, and honest. Your presence in Harrisburg this June during the various activities of the Pennsylvania Climate Convergence brings an important message to legislators and the general public that validates the urgency of effective action on climate change.

Although it is easier to speak quietly to colleagues, family members, and friends about the health consequences of climate change than it is to show up in public, in your scrubs or your white coat to visibly, vocally call on our government to take effective action to protect us from the dangers of climate change, we are asking you to step out of your comfort zone and to boldly join us in Harrisburg to use your authority as a healthcare provider to demand action.

Please share this call to action with your colleagues and make plans to join us in Harrisburg! I am available to answer your questions and concerns and to help you figure out how you can use your presence as a healthcare provider to bring forth solutions to protect us from the climate emergency that we are facing!

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration!


Tammy Murphy, M.A., LL.M. (she/her)

Advocacy Director

Physicians for Social Responsibility - Pennsylvania

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